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Real World Math

Real World Math

Print on CD - Exploring Our Nation's History

Real World Math - PDFs on CD © 2016

Real World Math contains over 150 pages of current activities that challenge your students to use their math skills in a wide variety of real life situations. Each activity is in PDF format so they can be printed or used digitally.


Real World Math is divided into the following fourteen activities:

  • Angela's Happy Beads

  • At The Movies

  • Brad Moves To Raleigh

  • Jeff Goes To Wrigley Field

  • Luke's Part-Time Job

  • Malletech, Inc.

  • Maya Moves to Portland

  • Money Matters

  • Real Economics

  • School Days

  • Sydneys' Part-Time Job

  • The Cost of Living

  • The Johnson's Home

  • Wheeles And Deals

Each activity includes:

  • One or more student pages

  • A teacher’s key with answers

  • Step-by-step math solutions

The Teacher's Guide includes:

  • A detailed description of each activity to help you choose the activities that best meet your needs

  • The step-by-step solutions to the assessment problems


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Download Sample Money Matters

Download Sample At The Movies

Download Sample School Days