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You Decide video preview

You Decide © 2009
In this Personal Finance video series, your students will meet four young people that have some important financial decisions to make concerning their budgets, their credit and their transportation.

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Buying the Basics

Buying the Basics Series © 2006
This series focuses on those fundamental purchases like buying a car, renting an apartment and buying food and clothing. Some of your students may even be facing these decisions now and Buying the Basics gives them the information they need to shop smart.

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21st Century Money Management

21st Century Money Management Series © 2005
This series is packed with information about banking in the new millennium. Not only are the basics of opening accounts covered, but your students will also learn how to manage their money successfully. Special focus is given to online banking.

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Saving - DVD I8211D $89.00 Add to Cart
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Can I Make It On My Own?

Can I Make It On My Own? © 2003
How will Eric handle the challenges of leaving home and living on his own? He must find a place to live, handle his finances, make that first trip to the grocery store, pay his bills, try to control his credit card and much more. Running time: 30 minutes.

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